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Sean Duffy, Of MTV's "The Real World," Elected To Congress

무명의택엔러 2 2019.06.12 19:21

NEW YORK (CBS) Former "The Real World" subject Sean Duffy now has a whole new kind of "House" to contend with.

Duffy, who appeared on the MTV reality show's Boston edition in 1997, was elected to serve in Congress on Tuesday.

The former reality TV personality won a House seat in his home state of Wisconsin.

Duffy, a Republican, defeated state Sen. Julie Lassa for 카지노 양방 the job in a contest to replace retiring Rep. David Obey, a Democrat who retired after holding the seat for 41 years.

"What a great night for Wisconsin!" he cried as he took the stage shortly after midnight to thank supporters at a victory party in Wausau, according to the Wausau Daily Herald.

Duffy filled the role of the "conservative Midwesterner" during the show's sixth season. He's now married to "The Real World: San Francisco" alumna Rachel Campos, and they have six children.

One of Duffy's housemates on the show has already weighed in to congratulate him. Syrus Yarbrough wrote on his Twitter account, "Sean from my season of The Real World Boston is now a US Congressman! Congrats my brotha!"

Duffy was one of the many Republicans who picked up seats in the midterm elections.
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Sean Duffy, Of MTV's "The Real World," Elected To Congress
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