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night-vacation-travel-sign-motel-tourismNEW YORK (CBS) Former "The Real World" subject Sean Duffy now has a whole new kind of "House" to contend with.

Duffy, who appeared on the MTV reality show's Boston edition in 1997, was elected to serve in Congress on Tuesday.

The former reality TV personality won a House seat in his home state of Wisconsin.

Duffy, 카지노 용어 a Republican, defeated state Sen. Julie Lassa for the job in a contest to replace retiring Rep. David Obey, a Democrat who retired after holding the seat for 41 years.

"What a great night for Wisconsin!" he cried as he took the stage shortly after midnight to thank supporters at a victory party in Wausau, according to the Wausau Daily Herald.

Duffy filled the role of the "conservative Midwesterner" during the show's sixth season. He's now married to "The Real World: San Francisco" alumna Rachel Campos, and they have six children.

One of Duffy's housemates on the show has already weighed in to congratulate him. Syrus Yarbrough wrote on his Twitter account, "Sean from my season of The Real World Boston is now a US Congressman! Congrats my brotha!"

Duffy was one of the many Republicans who picked up seats in the midterm elections.
But Not One Of Them Has Ever Held Elected Office Or Run A Government Based On The Rule Of Law." "Democracy As We Know Is A Messy Process," Added Cretz, "so They Are Going To Have Learn How To Deal With Coalition Building, And Ho
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Hamid Al-Hasi, The Commander For Anti-Qaddafi Forces In Eastern Libya, Said A Group Of 15 Employees Set Fire To The Facility, Located On The Mediterranean Coast About 380 Miles Southeast Of Tripoli
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"What A Great Night For Wisconsin!" He Cried As He Took The Stage Shortly After Midnight To Thank Supporters At A Victory Party In Wausau, According To The Wausau Daily Herald
Meanwhile, Fugitive Leader Muammar Qaddafi Urged His Followers To Fight On Monday In A Brief Message Of Defiance That Carried Wider Resonance After Twin Attacks On A Key Oil Hub And Fierce Resistance In A Loyalist Stronghold By Fighters Believed Led
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NIAMEY, Niger - Muammar Qaddafi's Playboy Son, Known For His Love Of Fast Cars, Soccer And Excessive Partying, Slipped Into Niger Over The Weekend And Began Making His Way Monday To The Capital, A Niger Government Official Said}
In Misrata, Residents Crowded Into Long Lines To Get A Chance To View The Body Of Qaddafi, Which Was Laid Out On A Mattress On The Floor Of An Emptied-out Vegetable And Onions Freezer At A Local Shopping Center. The Body Had Apparently Been Stowe
He's Now Married To "The Real World: San Francisco" Alumna Rachel Campos, And They Have Six Children
In Washington, The Pentagon Said That It Has Four Troops In Libya — Only The Second Time Since The U.S. Became Involved There That It Has Acknowledged Having Any Military Personnel On The Ground. The First Time Was In March When Marines Rescued A
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