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KABUL, Afghanistan - A least two people were killed in a suicide attack in Kabul early Tuesday, the latest in a series of fatal blasts to hit the Afghan capital.

<strong>45<\/strong>55478535 0233的笔记_小红书A small truck packed with explosives rammed the gate of a compound housing foreigners on the city's eastern outskirts soon after sunrise, 바카라사이트 said the Interior Ministry's spokesman Seqid Sediqqi.

>Two security guards were killed, he said, adding he could not confirm their nationality.

>Kabul police cheif Gen Zahir Zahir told CBS News three suicide bombers were involved in the attack. The first one detonated a truck full explosives at the first gate of the security company called HARD and two others while trying to enter the inside the camp shot and killed by security guards.

>The area where the blast took place has a number of compounds housing foreign companies, as well as international military bases but it was not clear which was targeted. The Afghan government's intelligence agency also has a branch nearby.

>NATO's International Security Assistance Force said that none of its personnel were injured in the attack.

>The country's First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum was at the site soon after the blast, along with members of the Afghan army's rapid reaction force.

>The blast, which sent a huge plume of smoke into the sky, was heard across the city. Sediqqi said that gunfire was also heard before the explosion as security guards fired on the truck as it approached the compound gate.

>The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

>Kabul has been shaken by a series of attacks in recent months, following the inauguration of President Ashraf Ghani.

>In the past week, suicide bombers have targeted the chief of police in an attack also claimed by the Taliban, and a high-profile female parliamentarian. Both survived, though civilian casualties were high.
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