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"Big Brother 12" Winner Is "The Animal"
Study: Heart Test Predicts Future Risks
Her Attorneys Say She Took Wyeth's Estrogen-progestin Hormone Therapy For Nearly A Decade
"He Really Fits In An Organic Space Really Well," Haseltine Told
-Brooke Shields Wrote "Welcome To Your World, Baby," About The Joys Of Becoming A Big Sister, In 2008
A New Jersey Law Requires That, By Next Fall, Snacks And A La Carte Items Sold Or Served Contain No More Than 8 Grams Of Total Fat Per Serving And Two Grams Of Saturated Fat Per Serving
Whereas Women Are Quite Often Judged On What They're Wearing Or How Their Hair Is." The Age Newspaper Says He's Still Wearing The Same Blue Suit, And Only Wilkinson And Another "Today" Colleague Knew About His Experiment
Leaders Of A Student Group That Have Played A Key Role In Organizing The Street Protests Say They Want To Meet With Senior Chinese Leaders
Doctors In Britain And The United States Are Also Working Toward Similar Procedures
Qaddafi's Son Saadi Intercepted In Niger
Enzo "The Meow Meow" Palumbo, A Trash-talking 32-year-old Insurance Adjuster From Bayonne, N.J., Became The Seventh Member Of The Jury And Cast The Deciding Vote Between His Alliance Partners For Moss
Matt Damon: Ben Affleck "will Be Great" As Batman
Chisako Kakehi, 67, Was Arrested Wednesday In Kyoto Prefecture After Cyanide Was Found In The Body Of Her 75-year-old Husband, A Senior Official At The Investigative Department Told The Associated Press In A Telephone Interview From Kyoto
"Batman Just Sits There With His Cowl Over His Head And Whispers In A Kinda Gruff Voice At People
"He Carried The Team Spirit Of Lokomotiv And Through His Indomitable Character Often Reversed The Course Of The Most Difficult Games," Vakhrukov Said
"It Makes Me Think I Can Do Anything," Moss Said Of Advancing To The Finale
Qaddafi's Son Saadi Intercepted In Niger
Crystal Insists He's Saying Goodbye To The Show In The City Where It All Took Place
Her Symptoms Include Tingling Sensations And Exhaustion, Especially In Stressful Situations
The Prince Served In Afghanistan In 2008 As A Battlefield Air Controller Until His Time Was Cut Short By A Media Leak