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Jazz Legend Marian McPartland Dies
If Approved, The Vaccine Could Eliminate Seven Of The 23 Federally Recommended Injections Children Now Must Endure Through Age 18 Months, According To Sanofi Pasteur, The Vaccines Business Of Paris-based Sanofi-Aventis
It Takes Hard Work." Kane, At GLAAD, Said The New Report Would Help Reinforce Its Longtime Claims That Hollywood Studios Need To Do More
In An Interview With The Associated Press In 2007, The 89-year-old Pianist Said She Saw No Reason To Retire
At Present, Some 500,000 People, Mostly In Poor, Rural Areas, Are Affected By Yaws, According To WHO
Her Flu Test Came Back Negative, But A Few Days Later, The Teenager Died Of Liver Complications From The Virus
Government Scientists Are In Disagreement Over Whether There Should Be A Strict Limit On The Failure Rate A Drug Can Have And Still Be Approved
"And That Puts A Lot Of People At Increased Risk For Fractures Over And Above The Risk That They Already Have As A Result Of The Fact That They're Aging And Are Taking Other Medication Which May Also Predispose To Osteoporosis." But Goltzma
Jackson Said It Was The Perfect Song For Him, But Cowell Pointed Out It Wasn't The Kind Of Showstopper That Would Win The Contest
Archuleta Has Knockout Night On "Idol"
Amazon Studios Dropped The First Trailer For "Suspiria," Luca Guadagnino's Follow-up To "Call Me By Your Name." The Director's Upcoming Film Sets A Markedly Different Tone: "Suspiria" Is A Remake Of An Italian Supernatur
And Iran Will End On Monday, But Already, Leaks From The Highly Complicated Talks Indicate There Will Be No Deal -- Or At Least That There Will Be No Comprehensive, Final, Capital "D" Deal
"Well, There's No Question That The Russians Have Upped Their Military Activity Many Times Over The Last Couple Of Years," He Said
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They Would Be Able To Buy Insurance Through A State-run Pool And Will Have To Make A Small Contribution Toward Their Premiums
The Nonprofit Group Alleges The Marketing Of Viagra Has Fostered An Increase In The Spread Of STDs
James Brown Biopic To Be Filmed In Mississippi
Suheir Died In June 2013 Following An Operation That Took Place In Fadl's Office
"We Added A Horn And We Made Him A Little Pink, Worked A Little Tie-dye On The Mane, Made Him Sparkly, And He Was The Most Magical Unicorn That You Ever Did See," Grant Says