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"Our Role As A Pharmacy Operator Is To Furnish Medication In Accordance With The Doctor's Prescription Or As Requested By A Patient." Abortion Rights Activists In Georgia Announced A Statewide Campaign Friday To Raise Awareness About The Co
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Despite Wang's Claim Of Safety, Pet Food Tainted With Melamine Apparently Has Resulted In Kidney Failure In An Unknown Number Of Cats And Other Animals Across The United States
The Case Is The Latest In A Series Of Legal Challenges To Britain's National Health Service, Which Offers Free Health Care And Low-cost Medicines To All Britons — But Is Regularly Accused Of Rationing Access To Treatment
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That First Night, Producer Sandy Socolow Was In The Control Room, Which Back Then Was In Grand Central Terminal
The Case Calls Into Question The Legality Of Trying A 14-year-old For Murder Under Criminal Law And The Rights Of Child Brides, Who Are Common In The Poverty-stricken, Predominantly Muslim Northern Nigeria Region
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The Concordia Was Transferred To Genoa This Summer, Where It Is Being Dismantled And Scrapped
The Spat Officially Ended With The Formal Truce Declaration Along The Kentucky-West Virginia Border In 2003, Reports CBS News Correspondent Jim Krasula
Now, Here's What Happened Right After The Interview: "Does That Do Alright From Your Standpoint?" Cronkite Asked The President. "Yeah, That Was Fine." Kennedy Said. "Maybe Just A Little Long On The Answer, So I Don't
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The FDA Said HIV Tests Currently In Use Are Highly Accurate, But Still Cannot Detect The Virus 100 Percent Of The Time