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Ronald Krall, The Company's Senior Vice President And Chief Medical Officer
The Man's Brain Was Injured During An Assault, He Spent Six Years With Only Occasional Signs Of Consciousness And No Useful Movement Of His Limbs
Brazil's Supreme Court Also Considers The Question Closed
"Not The Birth Itself, But The Next 18 Years." Tenth-grader Madelyn Dancy Of Memphis, Tenn., Has A Whole Different Set Of Concerns
Only A Third Has Been Met As Key Donors Such As The United States Largely Shun Giving Over North Korea's Provocative Behavior And Persisting Questions About Whether North Korea Is Withholding Food From Its Public
Tips In Just Buying As Well As A Ironing A Definite Military Clothes
However, The Number Of People Enrolled In Medicaid Doesn't Affect Per Capita Spending Levels
The Fast-food Giant Delivered Fries With Just .2 Grams Of Trans Fat Per Serving, According To The Laboratory Tests
Hagel Said He Was Leaving Iraq Encouraged By Progress On The Battlefield Against The Militants And By The Iraqi Government's Renewed Efforts To Unify The Country
"It Bored Right Through The Skin And Disappeared Into My Head," Wegner, Now 59, Told Bild, Germany's Best-selling Newspaper
British Beef Is Already Banned In Both Countries Because Of Mad Cow Disease
In A Gesture Of Reconciliation Last Year, German President Joachim Gauck And French President Francois Hollande Together Visited The Phantom Village - Whose Burned-out Cars And Abandoned Buildings Were Left As A Memorial To The Massacre
You Had Two Couples Whose Marriages Didn't Work Who Really Stumbled Upon Each Other And Fell In Love." Rimes, Who Has Been A Target Of The Tabloids Since News Of The Affair Surfaced, Has Been Called Everything From A Homewrecker To A Stalker
The Hospitalization Rate For Flu Across The Country Is 59.9 Per 100,000 People, Significantly Higher Than What The CDC Has Observed At This Time Of Year Since Its Current Tracking System Was Implemented In 2010, Schuchat Said
The Main Source Of Trans Fats Is Partially Hydrogenated Oils, Formed When Hydrogen Is Added To Liquid Vegetable Oils To Harden Them
Meanwhile, Fugitive Leader Muammar Qaddafi Urged His Followers To Fight On Monday In A Brief Message Of Defiance That Carried Wider Resonance After Twin Attacks On A Key Oil Hub And Fierce Resistance In A Loyalist Stronghold By Fighters Believed Led
Speaking Tuesday At A Jewish Seminary In The West Bank, Yaalon Said Israel Wants To Build More Settlement Housing But That Global Criticism, Led By The United States, Has Prompted Restraint
Officials Say The Company Is The First Large Regional Chain To Offer Certain Drugs At No Cost
Wegner, The Wife Of German Boxing Coach Ulli Wegner, Will No Longer Have The Headaches And Nosebleeds, And Her Sense Of Smell Should Return Soon, Behrbohm Said
NIAMEY, Niger - Muammar Qaddafi's Playboy Son, Known For His Love Of Fast Cars, Soccer And Excessive Partying, Slipped Into Niger Over The Weekend And Began Making His Way Monday To The Capital, A Niger Government Official Said. The 38-year-old A