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A Lot Of Young People Feel Stress, Particularly Those From The Middle Class, And Females More Than Males
Loma Linda University Medical Center Set Up A Tent Typically Used For Disasters To Deal With The Growing Number Of Patients
Was Part Of The 3rd Company Of The 1st Battalion Of The "Der Fuehrer" Regiment Of The Fanatical SS's "Das Reich" Division
China Insists Its Exports Are Safe
Results Were Based On About 4,000 Responses
The Main Source Of Trans Fats Is Partially Hydrogenated Oils, Formed When Hydrogen Is Added To Liquid Vegetable Oils To Harden Them
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"Those Kids Who Consider Themselves Among The Most Popular Were Likely To Get Drunk At Least Once A Month, Likely To Use Drugs, Likely To Smoke Marijuana," Joseph Califano, The Center's Chairman And President, Told CBS News Early Show Ancho
Utah Had The Lowest Percentage Of Obese Youth — 8.5 Percent
Reynolds Tobacco Co
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Don't Worry About Ben Affleck
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Analysts Say That Modern Evangelical Christianity With Its Boisterous Music And Passionate Sermons Is More Appealing To Cubans, Particularly Poorer Ones, Than The More Conservative Practices Of The Catholic Church And Traditional Protestant Denominat
Utah Had The Lowest Percentage Of Obese Youth — 8.5 Percent
Toys "R" Us Recalls Bibs Over Lead Threat
A Much More Typical Description Comes From Stacy Rosales, A 23-year-old Recent College Graduate, Who Calls It "just A General Stress-free Feeling Where I'm Not Really Worried About Anything
Beyonce, Tyrese And Miguel Were Among The Winners
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