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"And To Countries In The Region, Especially Iraq's Neighbors, We Want To Emphasize That America Will Stand With Our Allies And Friends, Including Iraq, In Defense Of Our Common Security And Interests." She Said The United States Would Have
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In Misrata, Residents Crowded Into Long Lines To Get A Chance To View The Body Of Qaddafi, Which Was Laid Out On A Mattress On The Floor Of An Emptied-out Vegetable And Onions Freezer At A Local Shopping Center. The Body Had Apparently Been Stowe
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CBS News' Elaine Cobbe Reports There Are Total Of Four Reactors On Site, Three Of Which Had Been Deactivated
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The Bodies Were Discovered Late Monday Night, Hours After The Gang Of Gunmen Stopped The Bus At A Fake Security Checkpoint And Told All The Women And Children To Get Off, According To One Security Official Who Interviewed A Survivor
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