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Muslim Clerics Join India's Polio Fight
That Leaves Many Parents Picking The Bugs And Eggs Out By Hand
30 — After The Hospital Adopted New Rapid-care Measures — Doctors "were There Within 15 Minutes Of The Time I Hit The Door And Were Already Starting To Do The Prep," Kern Said
Hannah Kinney, A Co-author And Prominent SIDS Researcher At Children's Hospital Boston
Garcia's List, Which He Wants Published Despite Strict FIFA Confidentiality Rules, Could Include Current And Past FIFA Board Members Who Resisted Cooperating
Most Involve Internal Procedural Changes And Little Cost, Say Doctors Connected With The Campaign
California Banned The Use Of The Chemical Lindane In The Treatment Of Head Lice Because Of Fears That It Was Polluting Sanitation Systems And Causing Side Effects
The Food And Drug Administration Has Begun Probing The Source Of The Contaminated Tomatoes, Said Dr
"We Don't Want To Expose Our Members To The Risks Associated With Providing Health Care In The Third World," Said Stan Johnson, A Union Spokesman
Common Heart Attack Treatment Reconsidered
Guidelines Have Long Called For A "door-to-balloon" Time Of 90 Minutes, "but We Just Haven't Engineered Our Emergency Rooms To Cut Out Some Of These Steps That Aren't Needed" And Cause Delays, Nabel Said
However, Dr
Over The Years, Some Cases That Were Written Off As SIDS Proved To Be Homicides, Sometimes Committed By Mothers Who Smothered Their Babies
"It Was The Will Of Allah That I Should Come Here." Polio Infects Children Younger Than 5, Spreading Through Contaminated Water And Attacking The Nervous System
"I Get The Impression That They're All Waiting For Someone Else To Take The First Step," Said Jason Yap, Director Of Health Care Service For The Tourism Board In Singapore, Another Major Medical Tourism Destination
The Added Precaution Comes After Reports Of More Than 100 New Cases Of Delirium, Hallucinations And Other Unusual Psychiatric Behavior In Children Treated With The Drug
The FDA Said Perrigo Began Investigating After Realizing The Equipment It Uses To Make Pills Was Wearing Down Prematurely
Coli Outbreak, Caused By Tainted Spinach From California, That Killed Three People And Sickened More Than 200 Others
The Lawsuits, Filed In San Francisco Superior Court, Name As Defendants The Drug's Manufacturer, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Co., A Titusville, N.J.-based Subsidiary Of Johnson & Johnson; And San Francisco-based Distributor McKesson Corp
The Previous FDA-approved Label Mentioned "seizure And Confusion" Seen In Some Patients